Saturday, February 23, 2008

Silly Saturday

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Joanne (aka JavaJoanne) to the world. She is definitely one of the funniest people I know. She can make you cry from laughter. I'm so glad to be able to call her my friend. One day....we will meet in person. :) Here is what she has to say:

I am addicted to stamping... I collect FUNNY rubber stamps and COFFEE rubber stamps. I also love "postoids" that you stamp on envelopes (Help stamp out NAKED envelopes!). I have a FABULOUS husband who never complains when I get more stamps and three INCREDIBLE children; Andrew is 14, Jonathan is 12, Jennilyn is 9. They are so fun to raise, they make me smile every day. I also sell Pampered Chef which is a fun part-time job- I love inspiring people to cook and to eat around the kitchen table with their families. We live in Ramona California which is near San Diego. I have lived in San Diego all of my 29 years... ha! ha! ha! Okay, I'm a bit older than 29.I bought my first rubber stamp of a nautilus shell when I was about 12 yrs. old at a huge country fair in San Diego. I still have it! =) I dabbled with stamping over the years and then started hosting DOTS (Dozens of Terrific Stamps) parties when I was in my twenties. I considered signing up with DOTS but just didn't feel like enough people were "into" stamping then. So glad I waited! YEARS later, in 2002, I went to my first Stampin' Up party. I LOVED the stamps! I immediately decided to be a hostess and hosted several parties. I finally decided it was the right time to become a Demonstrator in Sept. 2003. I attended my first National Convention the following year and that was just A BLAST! I really think the first one is the best one, when you see all those sample boards for the first time and get all those fun swaps! I could've pee'd my pants with excitement (or maybe I did, I can't remember). I loved the modern, fun, whimsical style of Stampin' Up stamps and began selling my old, too country-ish DOTS stamps on E-bay, along with other stamps I'd collected and wasn't using anymore. Max was an E-bay customer of mine (I know, traitor... just kidding Max!). She later wrote to me and invited me to be a part of UDI. I still have not met any of you but definitely feel like I "know" several of you! I enjoy reading your posts and love your creativity! I want to thank the academy for voting for me... oh wait, wrong speech. You are all TERRIFIC and I'm glad the internet brought us together. =) Java Joanne

And here are the projects Joanne wanted to share:
Brown Kraft Envelope: Seal the envelope. Cut off the top, 3/4 of an inch. Cut cardstock to fit inside, so about 3/4" sticks out the top. Stamp design across top of cardstock. Stamp up envelope and decorate however you like. I like to wrap ribbon all the way around it. CUTE!!!

White #10 Envelope: Seal the envelope. Stamp it up! I don't stamp the back but you can if you'd like. Take scallop scissors and cut envelope about 3" or just over 3" from top. Crimp just the bottom piece so crimping design will run up and down vertically (very important b/c this "shrinks" the envelope so it fits into the lid). Use rectangle punch or double rectangle punch to punch two holes to hold the ribbon. Feed ribbon down on both sides, cross in back and bring back through. Trim for neatness. The ribbon stops the bottom part of the card from going up too far. VOILA!! Perfect for a gift card!!!

Thanks for sharing your creations with us!! :)


EdieB said...

These are adorable. I am off to crimp my #10 envelopes! EdieB

Elizabeth said...

What a cute project! I can't wait to break out my box of envelopes! TFS!

carolm said...

you never cease to bring a smile to my face joanne. love you and your projects.

cheers ~ carol

Rachel said...

Lovin the brown and Turquoise - nice colour mix

Java Joanne said...

Thanks Ladies!! I affectionately call these projects "The envelope thing." =) So cute and SO EASY! My Stamp Campers loved them! =) Java J
P.S. Thanks for the kind words Alicia! =)

mshbluesky said...

These are so neat, Joanne! Now to raid my envelopes... And as always, love your sense of humor that comes through!