Saturday, December 26, 2009

diva sketch surprise challenge

Happy day after Christmas and the celebration of Christ's birth. Have you been out shopping for after Christmas sales? yuck. Not me. I do not enjoy shopping at all. I am actually on the road today on my way to Illinois to see my mom. Woo Hoo! Haven't been there since July.

Leonie and Jeannette are traveling and enjoying this time with their families. We will have them back after the new year. Also, Adriana is visiting her mom and will return next week.

Alisa's town suffered another bush fire this week and they were without power. Please keep her family and townspeople in your prayers.

I tossed in another surprise this week and asked the team to use their favorite color on the sketch. Let's see what the rest of our team has done with this week's sketch. Have a great weekend.


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