Friday, May 23, 2008

Ta Da! (Sort of...)

So it is Friday again, and my turn to entertain you, or teach you something....or inspire you. Last week I posted a picture of my craft/sewing room, in what I consider to be a disastrous state. My intention was to inspire even ONE of you to tidy your room. Well, wasn't I surprised to get 4 COMMENTS, each of them telling me I am crazy, and how TIDY my room appears to be. What??? Well...that plan sure backfired! Not only are none of you scrambling to tidy your space and posting these amazing pictures of inspirational tidy spaces, but you have convinced ME that MY room is tidy. Thanks a lot. (RME...Rolling my eyes!) I have decided NOT to clean my room. Freedom! But now on to the problem of what to post this week.....

Aha! I took pictures over a year ago of the same room! It was clean then! Now if I can just uncover my computer and find them....hee hee....just kidding, my computer is always to stay current with the Divas! So here is:

Jennifer's Craft Room: The Prequel

See the nice craft paper covering the table top? Notice there is a dedicated space on the counter for my computer?

All those stamp sets on the shelves are assembled, current and organized by size. (When is the last time THAT has happened?) Oh, and see the Ink Caddy? They are all in order according to the Color Coach AND the re-inkers are all located in the corresponding space above each appropriate color family. Ok, I am starting to see a sickness here....

The closet doors will actually shut! The Designer Series Papers are neatly tucked away. Those star boxes are holding my supplies to make Christmas Cards...AHEAD OF TIME....I was so organized once...where did those days go?

The End

So now back to the reality that is my life today....piles and piles of stuff to move each time I need workspace. (sigh...) Stacks of sets that need assembled. Bags of customer orders that need shopping.....feed the family......bathe....sleep.....

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you enjoyed my fairy tale! Jennifer


Leonie Schroder - TotallyAddinktive said...

Oooooh Jennifer ... your room looks awesome but you HAVE inspired me to tidy mine but I have to get all my stuff for tomorrows SAS ready & packed first. But once that is done I promise and I'll send pix.


carolm said...

ok jennifer, these pix are a bit better than the last ones. i'm telling you though, that room was still clean in the last set.

i have stamp "stuff" scattered in at least two rooms of my house and my house is the size of a cracker jack box.

i want to be you when i grow up. lol.

xox ~ carol.

Pat W said...

Jennifer these photos look like something out of a magazine. You know "unbelievable" like! I can more easily relate to last week's photos for sure. I thought about taking a "now" and then cleaning and taking a "then" but the thought of how much I had to do made me almost ill!!!

Thanks for the inspiration though. I will at least start on cleaning it up a bit. That way I will have space for my UDI swaps. Pat