Friday, May 16, 2008

Look familiar?

Holy cow....has this ever happened to you?

Do you ever feel like you will NEVER get this mess tidied up?

Where do you even put it all?

I just wanted to post this week a sight that many of us are familiar with. And would you believe that I am an OCD personality? Sometimes things just get in the way of keeping up with your stamping (and cleaning) time! It was my intention to post a before and after picture, but time got away from me AGAIN! (Dont act like this has never happened to YOU!) So maybe you can at least get a good laugh from it, or maybe you will be afraid, very afraid, that this might be a picture of your room?

So, anyone up for a good challenge? Go take a picture of your stamping room/area RIGHT now, and then clean it up and post your before and after pics. I will be posting my after pic next Friday. (I hope!) LOL. Do you think you have MORE room for improvement than I? Lets see what a week will do.... Good luck, and see you next long as that room doesn't swallow one of us up!



Leonie Schroder - TotallyAddinktive said...

hmm here I was thinking that your area was tidy ... whoops - seems like mine is pretty bad yet again ... oh dear

Alicia TW :) said...

Are you serious?! This is a mess?! DO NOT want to see my craft room. LOL. Looks to me like you posted the after pictures. If I can ever get my room to look like this, I would be THRILLED. :)

Alicia :)

Michelle said...

Your mess is very tidy! I'm OCD too and very neat, but when I make a mess with my stamping supplies, I really make a mess! LOL Your room does not look messy at all :)

I'm pleased to say that for the past couple of months, I've been able to keep my room neat. And yes, I have been stamping and preparing for classes in there! :) I clean up after each project before moving on to the next, so that I don't make a huge mess and can't find anything. It's worked so far.


carolm said...

i'm with leonie and alicia, jennifer. your room is awesome. i don't even have a room and everything is scattered everywhere in my house!

can't wait to see the after pix now.

cheers ~ carol.