Friday, May 9, 2008

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Well ladies, here you have very first tutorial. A few of you asked for instructions on how to make the flower on last fridays blog post, that I put on the front of my Boho-West bag book. Here ya go!....

Start by stamping your image onto a complimentary color of cardstock. For the purposes of this tutorial, I used a contrasting color, to see easier. Then punch with the scallop punch, centering the center "6 petal" flower. The innermost ring has 3 petals, the next has 6.

With a handheld 1/8" punch, punch the very tips of each of the 6 petals. Also punch the center. Then, using the paper piercing tool, pierce the decorative holes in each of the "petals" of the scallop.

Thread a large blunt needle with about 15" of taffeta ribbon. Come through the center, FROM THE BACK, and secure very end with a bit of SNAIL.Next put the needle through one of the outsite holes, pulling loosely. Then back up through the center until all six petals are formed. You will need to use your fingers and manipulate the ribbon to face the direction you want it to. I loop mine around my finger as I pull it through.

After the last "petal", trim the end and secure on the back with SNAIL. Then push a brad through the center and open to secure. I have also glued a half pearl in the center, depending on the look I am going for. Then you can embellish with a hat pin or not, and stick it wherever. It looks great layered on top of the full size flower image! Try this, and feel free to post a link in the comments section, so that we can all take a peek at YOURS! Good luck!, Jennifer


carolm said...

jennifer, who knew that your ribbon flower was so easy. i'll have to play with it. i don't have the stamp you used, but can improvise.

thanx for sharing with us.


Regina said...

this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Great tutorial, Jennifer! I posted it in the tutorial section on UDI for all future Divas to reference to :) Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

Michelle H- Stampin' in MN

EdieB said...

Wow, what a fun technique. I'm trying this one tonight. TFS, Edie

Judi Harvey said...

Wow Jennifer, how pretty and how easy! Thanks for sharing!

Diva Hugs,