Monday, March 3, 2008

Magical Monday

Happy Monday Stampers!

I am so excited to welcome our newest member of UDI, "Andrea Walford". When I saw Andrea's projects and organizational skills, I just knew I had to invite her to be part of our group. She totally amazes me and judging by the reaction of our Divas when she joined, I knew she was popular in the Stampin' Up! world.

Here is what Andrea wrote:

“Almost four years ago, I was invited to my first ever Stampin’ Up! Workshop – and it was love at first sight! Within two days I had signed up to become a demonstrator. I had no clue what a life-changing experience that would be. Never before had I considered myself to be “crafty” or “creative” I was astounded at how easy it was. Although my reasons for joining were purely selfish – I wanted the discount and the “freebies”– after about a year, I realized that Stampin’ Up! could be the means for me to stay home with my kids. Although my profession was as a Registered Dietician, I really did not want to re-enter the traditional work force. Stampin’ Up! has helped me realize that dream. It allows me to stay home with my four children (ages 9, 7, 5 and 1 ½) while living my passion to teach, to share and to inspire others towards creativity. Now that I am expecting our fifth child & my husband has taken on a job that involves a significant amount of travelling I’ve started to take my business in a new direction that has proven to be both rewarding and fulfilling. I am now focusing on providing creative inspiration and tools for other Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators to help them grow their own businesses”

The project Andrea shares with us today is a cute little box for 3x3 cards and envelopes.

For the base of the box, cut a sheet of CS to 5 3/8” x 8”, align the 5 3/8” side with the top of your paper trimmer at score at 1”. Flip the CS 180 degrees, then score on the other end at 1”.
2. Flip your CS 90 degrees so that the 8” side is aligned with the top of your paper trimmer. Score at 3 ¼”, rotate the CS 180 degrees, then score on the other end at 3 ¼”
3. Fold along the score lines. Along the 8” side, cut along the score lines of the small middle flap, just into you reach the 1” score line.
4. Place a small piece of sticky strip along the outside edge of the small flaps. Keeping your box bottom flat on the table, fold up one side of the box. Place a piece of sticky strip along the edge (on the inside) of each of the long flaps.
5. Again, keeping your box bottom flat, fold up the other side of the box. Note that the box flaps do not overlap completely.
6. For the lid, cut a sheet of CS to 4 3/8” x 2-9/16”. Score in ½” on all four sides.
7. Fold along the score lines. Cut on the score lines along the short side of the CS, just until you reach the intersecting score line to create two small flaps.
8. Fold the smaller flaps to the inside and tape them to the side flap. Repeat on the other side. Your box lid is now done.
9. Decorate your box as desired.

If you are a visual person like me, check out Andrea's tutorial by clicking here

One of Andrea's objectives is to help Stampin' Up! Demonstrators with their class planning. Check out her "Class Planning Service for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators by clicking here.

If you have been or are going to be featured in any of the Stampin' Up! publications, 'Stampin Success'/On Stage, Andrea would like to feature you! Click here for more details.

(Look for one of our very own Divas in the upcoming ON STAGE! The project is adorable.....and so is the Diva!)

Have a very 'creative' week everyone!

Happy Stampin'


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