Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adriana's Chore Box

Hi Everyone! Stacy is on vacation today, so I am filling her boots by posting this Bo-Ho fun chore box created by Designing Diva Adriana Benitez.

Adriana explains where she found the inspiration for her mom-friendly project here:

I have two boys, ages 7 and 9, and they often offer to help around the house. Usually, it's at a bad time - I'll be making dinner and one will ask if he can mop the floor! I definitely want to encourage them, so when I heard about this project I jumped on it!

The sticks in the box each contain a "chore". Each day, they pick a stick and that's the chore they "get" to do. There are a couple of "free time" sticks in there; they get to do something fun instead of a chore. It's a nice way to reward them for doing the right thing. So far, it's been a real big hit. They will often even choose a 2nd stick! *Hooray!*
By the way, there's a reason for the western styled paper - it's part of my back-up plan for the day that the complaints start...I will remind them that at least they are not real cowboys and having to clean out a stall! LOL
Thank you Adriana for this cute project and darling story about your two little rustlers. Happy Stampin' y'all! EdieB


Max said...

What a great idea!


carolm said...

adriana, where was this idea when my kids were little. haha.