Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Custom Colored Paper!

Today's projects come to us from Selene Kempton - you're going to love them! She has some great tips for assembling the Baskets and Blooms die as well as coloring your Bridesmaid DSP. Check it out:

I made these two projects yesterday at a friends house. One is using 2 number two boxes assembled and stuck back to back. The other is is from Baskets and Blooms.

First, the basket and blooms cup ~ I've put a bazillion of these together and i prefer to overlap the crease on the side of the cup, so my basket doesn't flatten out and makes more of a Dixie cup. If you look at a Dixie cup, the bottom is inverted. I put these together with the bottom inverted and find that it makes them MORE sturdy and allows me to overlap where it folds on both sides. So my cup stands true and round...

Now the BIG tip I want to share here, is that both of these projects use bridesmaid paper. I cut a 1/2" strip, and colored with a sponge dauber. It dries instantly and looks faboulous. This was a tip I saw at either leadership or in Hawaii, but i haven't seen it on any blogs (I was surprised).

The second is a number 2 box. The flap stands straight up, and forms the handle. I used the large oval punch to punch the holes...

Arent these adorable?? I had fun!

Selene - these are adorable! I never would have thought to color my DSP with Classic Ink - thanks so much for sharing these great ideas!


carolm said...

these are beautiful. the black one is stunning! with the pink.


bettystamps said...

adorable! love them both.

Maxine Conrad said...

Absolutely fabulous my friend! :o)

Kimberlee Zenger said...

I love visiting this blog because I know that when I come here I know that I'm going to learn something new everytime. I always get inspired by coming here and that's what keeps me from ever giving up as a demonstrator and as a crafter. Thanks to all of you that share all your wonderful ideas! I'm amazed at the talent that is out there and I'm proud to be a Diva!!!

Truly Grateful,
Kimberlee Z.

sharon_canter said...

I love how you colored the decorative paper. This paper is going on my "must have" list right away.
Thanks for sharing this great tip!
Sharon Canter