Monday, August 4, 2008

It's just another Manic Monday!

Hello Everyone,

WOW!!! What an absolutely awesome convention! I am just so thrilled with how things worked out. Stampin' Up! really outdid themselves with this one. It was amazing. We had so much fun, with so many sleepless nights that our Divas have not had chance to upload many pics yet to our UDI site.

I rented a house for 20 of us and it was wonderful to get to spend time with friends. Although we didn't spend much time there, we really did have a lot of fun. We did manage to have a shoebox swap and a BBQ on Friday Evening.

Sara C, Carol M, Max C, Ruthie B

Jennifer T, Linda B, Christine R, Pat W

Jean T, Terry J, Ursula, Charmaine C, Janine K

Sue E, Christy T, Sara C

Most of our Divas got to go to the Riverton Facility to tour it. I received all kinds of cute notes and treats on my desk when I got to work today. :)

Next Monday I will be posting pictures of our 3 D swap. One of our Divas, Cindy from WA, coordinated this swap and it was amazing. Everyone did such a wonderful job making an awesome project.

This group has the most amazing women and friends in it. I am so proud of all of our Divas. What a fabulous group. I walked across the stage for sales, recruiting and earning the incentive trip to Hawaii. It was so awesome to hear my friends clap and shout for me.

And..............the star of our group........ "MICHAEL PAXTON". What an amazing guy. Michael is one of those guys that you meet and INSTANTLY like. He is the husband of one amazing Diva, Kellie. I am so impressed with Michael who held up our banner and proudly too. Selene Kempton created our UDI logo and Lisa Stout made the banner. Michael has been asked to create another banner for our ever growing group and I can barely wait to see what he comes up with. :)

I cannot wait until Leadership and Regionals in Orlando FL in January! WOOHOO!

See ya next week


carolm said...

great pix max. missed the riverton tour. :(


Cafe Ink said...

I had so much fun meeting some for the first time and reconnecting with others I have known for years. I was also excited that we were finally able to convince my sideline Ursi to finally move form hitchiker status to full member. Yeah!!!!

I can't wait to see you ladies again soon.