Monday, August 10, 2009

Convention News

Hello Friends,

Oh my stars! Convention was absolutely fantabulous this year. Everything was awesome (except for the L -O- N- G line for Memento Mall....:)

How wonderful it was for the Divas to meet up for General Session and classes and our annual dinners on Wednesday and Saturday. Michael and Kellie Paxton, pictured above did us Divas proud. They made it such an enjoyable time. Michael made this awesome sign so that the Divas could easily meet up and Kellie took care of all the arrangements for our dinners and swaps. I believe our convention for the Divas was all the better thanks to Michael and Kellie. They were awarded with a $150 shopping spree for ALL of their efforts.

Awards Night - The following Divas are in the top 100 Demonstrators of the company in the US:
Ann Clemmer, Barb Mulikin, Dawn Rapsas, Glenda Travelstead, Laurie Krauss, Patty Bennett, Robin Merriman and Tiffany Bauer.
Edie Bunting who is a Diva and also my direct recruit placed in the top 15 Rising Stars for 2008/09.
All these Divas will enjoy a trip to Southern Utah for Founders Circle in September.
Many Congratulations dear friends!

Two of our Divas entered the Artisan Award Contest and whilst they weren't winners (in our eyes of course they were:) they were finalists. Brenda Weaver and Strephanie Wagstaff Gittins. I know there were so many entries. What an accomplishment this is. Way to go girls!

I am also happy to let you know that 2 of our Divas were chosen by Shelli (CEO and Co-Founder of Stampin' Up!) to serve on the Advisory Board. Ann Clemmer and Robin Merriman! What an absolute honor.

The Heart of Stampin' Up award was presented to Gretchen Barron and Selene Kempton and how deserved that was. Gretchen and Selene have done so much to help those affected by disasters. Click here to read more about their service.

I am absolutely thrilled that we have so many wonderful people in our group. Not just these fabulous women who earned awards but everyone one of you! I did feel the need to congratulate these Divas on their accomplishments.

Please post a comment!

Happy' Stampin'


Kellie Paxton said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! I just want to say that this was such a fabulous time and I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. Thanks to Max for having put this group together. Without you, we would not be meeting great new friends! I hope all of us can attend next year! I hope that will also include all the new Divas currently being referred! Stampin Hugs! Kellie

Ann said...

Congrats to all the Diva's who won fabulous awards!! What a feat and a way for all of us to keep aspiring!!

Awesome UDI sign Michael!!

Steph Gittins said...

Congrats to all you wonderful Divas! You inspire me. :) And thanks to Kellie & Michael; you put so much work into everything, and the activities were fabulous.

Carpenter's said...

Wow!! What amazing woman and man we have on this site!! Congrats to you all. Maxine I caught a glimse of your purple shoes and must say lady you were looking foxy! :) Miss you guys....

Jen said...

You ladies deserve everything you got! And then some! I am proud to be a Diva - I have learned a LOT from you - watching your talent and hearing your sucess stories. I truely think you all deserve awards :)

Kellie and Michael - You're so much fun to be around - thank you so much for your hard work - the dinner on Wednesday was FABULOUS! I really enjoyed myself - and the swaps were Awesome! I wish I had gotten some more pictures (I hope someone is uploading them soon!)

Thank you diva's - you truely are a Wonderful group of Demonstrators!

Jeannette Siciliani said...

Oh my stars! is right! This is such exciting news about these amazing Divas. CONGRATS! So, Max... purple shoes? Where's the photo. All joking aside, UDI is such amazing group of talented stampers. {Hugs}

Unknown said...

What a fabulous convention! Congratulations to all the award winners - you inspire me everyday. Kudos to Kellie and Michael for all their efforts to make this year a success - LOVE the sign! And of course, thanks to our Queen Bee, Max for having the foresight to form this group. We all benefit from her willingness to share of herself. Here's to another great year!

Karen said...

AWESOME to all the Divas listed!! We are definitely in Royalty company!! Huge CONGRATS to all your successes and accomplishments - may they continue through the years!!

carolm said...

congratulations divas!!! i will walk in your shadow of greatness. you are an inspiration not only to us, but all demos who aren't as lucky to be a diva.

michael and kellie: i wasn't able to attend convention, but know that alot of work was put into it by y'all. thank you. hopefully i'll see everyone next year.