Monday, September 8, 2008

Introducing our New Blog Manager

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday to you.....I apologize for not being more on the ball with our Blog. Starting October, we have lots of fun stuff! We have changed a few of our coordinators. A big thank you to Jennifer Thomas and Leonie Schroder for all their hard work and efforts. I am happy to announce replacements for these amazing women. "Elizabeth Harris" from Florida and "Becky Teusink" from Michigan.

We have a Design Team all willing to share their work with everyone. Demonstrators who are very creative and talented. Our new program will begin the first week of October. You can look forward to many wonderful projects. With the upcoming holidays, you won't want to miss our fabulous ideas.

It is with sadness that I also let you know that Edie Bunting who has been absolutely amazing has had to step down from her role as UDI Blog Manager due to health issues. Edie plans to stay with our group (She wouldn't have had a choice there :) but we needed to replace her duty here.

It is with great excitement that I welcome "BECKY ROBERTS" to you from Boise, ID. I have long been a fan of Becky's blog and she is amazing. I was so glad to get the opportunity to meet Becky at Convention and was grateful she lived just a few hours away in ID. ROAD TRIP !!! ;)

The projects shown here today were created by Becky and you can visit her blog at

Becky is in her forties.....early forties I must add. She has been married to George for 15 years and kept her maiden name as George's last name is "Papadopoulos". I know she wants us all to think she is Julia's sister :) Becky and George have 2 sons, Benjamin (12) and Nicholas (9).

Becky was introduced to stamping 9 years ago, spent her obligatory $50 at her friends party, and hid it under the bed with absolutely no intention of ever using it again. Shehated it. She thought it was pointless and expensive. Well, the expensive part is correct :o) A year later, Becky was invited back again. The demo two-stepped stamped all over a piece of glossy cardstock with the hydrangeas stamp, cut it up into bookmarks, they used some new punch on the corners, threaded a ribbon through it and she was hooked. Weird huh? The next year Becky's demo needed one more recruit to make cruise so she signed her up and told her later. Becky was supposed to drop in three months, but 9/11 happened and new demo’s were extended another 3 months. Two days before she was to drop, Becky did a spontaneous show for a friend who gathered her girlfriends together. It was over $1000 and that was all it too for her to see the great potential with SU!
This is Becky's 7th year with SU!. She has earned 2 cruises, presented a workshop wow at Reno. Becky was averaging about $40,000 a year in sales, until last year when her husband moved her to Idaho. (from California).

Please join me in welcoming Becky as our new Blog Manager. She really was 'pressured' into the position but I know she will do a fabulous job.

Have a wonderful day


Carpenter's said...

WhoooHOo people I actually have met before!! Congrats Becky and Elizabeth. Also a big shout out to the new blog manager, Becky. I have stalked your blog before I even knew you were with UDI. I LOVE all of these gals projects and look forward to some amazing projects from them!

Laura Brown said...

Wonderful cards! I'm looking forward to all of the changes!

Blog #3 sister - Laura

Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

Wow! Lots of changes going on! Bravo to you all for the great work you do. BTW, that Pun Fun card in the middle is to die for!

Carol Matthews said...

The cards are really, really, cute! I'm so looking forward to October to see all the rest!

Karen said...

woohoo - congrats girls!! wonderful projects as always!!

Anonymous said...

prayerandstamps comments: oooooooooooh this are so cute! I love these cards!

carolm said...

congrats becky on your new position with udib.

elizabeth and becky, you will do an awesome job also!

looking forward to see what's coming up in october.

cheers ~ carol.

Anonymous said...

prayerandstamps comments: Oooh these are so cute. I know you will do a great job!