Saturday, August 27, 2011

diva sketch challenge

This is my last sketch as the Sketch Challenge coordinator.  I have done this for just over two years and feel that it is time to let someone else try it for a while.  I hope you have enjoyed the sketches I brought to you each week.  More than 95% of them have been 'original' ideas of my own.  I'm not a big 'case' person.  Please continue to visit the blog to see what new sketches are coming your way.  

The team is going to take turns creating the sketches for you.  Won't that be fun!!!

Thanx to all of you that have tried my sketches and posted your creations.


carolm said...

i just want to say thank you to my team. they left me some lovely comments despite some of the sketches i gave them over the past two years. y'all are the best. xoxox

imagine.create.share. said...

Carol, it was fun working with you! Sometimes the most challenging sketches resulted in the best results!!

suepeac said...

Here is a link to my take on your most interesting sketch:
(thanks for all the mind-stretching ideas!)