Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WWW: Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday #13

Welcome to Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday! Summer seems to be a time when everyone is busy doing all kinds of things. It is just Sarah and I this week for WWW. Two totally different looks and projects, but we both used the Red Glitter paper that was sooooo very popular this past year. TIP: when punching this paper with the new 3 way punches, punch it upside down. You get a much better punch (standing up helps too)! The middle punched shape on my card this week is what happens when you attempt to punch it normally - glitter side up. It did not work so well in my punch that way. Sarah created a lovely 3D using the same paper and the big shot flowers. Love it! Be sure to swing by her blog and let her know you liked it too!

Leslie Banks

Hopefully, Sarah and I inspired you to go do something creative! Pull out that beautiful red glitter paper and have some fun!

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Brandy said...

Great Job Ladies!!! I look forward to joining you next week. Have a great weekend!!!