Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday #2

I would like to start by welcoming all of you back to week 2 of this months "Wonderfully Wicked" color challenge: Purple, Green, and Black.

I received a question over the weekend that I wanted to clarify for all of you. The question was, "What if I don't have enough 'Wicked' stamp sets?" The answer is, "That doesn't matter." The theme that I present you with is simply meant to inspire you. I derived elements from "Wicked" and the "Wizard of Oz" because both of these musicals provided a great deal of inspiration to draw from for myself. This does not mean that your designs have to reflect flying monkeys, munchkins, Dorothy, Toto, Elphaba or Glinda directly, although they are welcome if you can figure out how to do it! I do hope this clarifies any questions about the uniqueness of these challenges. However, if you do have questions, please feel free to ask me.

Now, without further delay, on to this weeks design team submissions. They are great! Take a peek and let them know what you think.

Michelle Montague

Sarah Miller

Maxine Conrad

Leslie Banks

Wow, totally different looks using the same colors as last week. And two different Holiday cards as well. I look forward to seeing what week three will bring! Well done Divas!

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