Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally Friday - Decorated Candles!

Hello all!!! How's this post for some last minute gift giving inspiration?? I love to make candles and it always impresses people when you tell them it was stamped!!
This week Adriana has a little tutorial for us on how to create these amazing gifts, in no time at all!!!

Step 1. Stamp onto tissue paper.

Step 2. Put a sheet of printer paper under the tissue paper and punch out your image. A 1 3/8" circle fits the tealight candles exactly, but a 1 1/4" punch works well, too.

Step 3. Punch a 1/8" circle in the center.

Step 4. Discard the printer paper circle and place the stamped tissue paper circle over the candle. The wick should come up through the center 1/8" hole created in step 3.

Step 5. Heat the surface of the candle with a heat tool. You will see the wax begin to melt and the tissue paper begin to turn nearly clear as it absorbs the wax. Continue only until the paper is clear. (It's very fast - it will only take a few seconds!) And you are done! This is a quick project that makes for great last-minute gifts!

Thank you Adriana for this quick, and easy, project for all of those last minute gifts! I haven't yet tried stamping on tealights.

Happy Stamping!!!!



carolm said...

cute idea adriana. would these be for decorative purposes only because of the tissue paper?


Amber said...

wow - that's so cute! love it!

Anonymous said...

HI ladies - thanks for the comments. Carol, you can use the candles. I tried it out and the paper slowly burns as the candle is used. No flaring up or anything dangerous.